Elna Easycover - Panicos-Stockton
Elna Easycover - Panicos-Stockton
Elna Easycover - Panicos-Stockton

Elna Easycover

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The Elna Easycover is the world's easiest to use coverhem machine!

Equipped with optimum operational efficiency and an ability to handle all types of fabrics, the new easycover will surprise you with its quality and ease of operation.

This new coverlock is the perfect companion machine to an elna serger and produces the cover hem and chain stitch.

This innovative machine is essential for the sewist looking for a powerful, but convenient home coverhem machine.

Thanks to the new feature named "Tension Level Control" - TLC, you can easily change from heavier cotton knits to tricot, light cotton, sheer home décor or bridal fabrics at the flip of a switch! With TLC, you do not have to adjust tension for flat seams and even stitching when switching between fabric types. This unique feature automatically softens the looper tension for smooth stitching on a wide variety of fabrics.

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